The China RRAM International Workshop launches its first edition with the objective of becoming the major forum in China for discussion on resistive random access memories and related applications. Invited speakers includ H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford University, USA), Ming Liu (IMECAS, China), Paul C. McIntyre (Stanford University, USA), Wei Lu (University of Michigan, USA), Ilia Valov (Forschungszengrum Juelich, Germany), Deji Akinwande (University of Texas, USA), Kin Leong Pey (SUTD, Singapore), Hyunsang Hwang (POSTECH, Korea), Anthony Kenyon (University College London, UK), Luca Larcher (UNIMORE, Italy), Jordi Suñe (UAB, Catalonia, Spain), Felix Palumbo (UTN-CNEA, Argentina). The deadline for abstract submission is April 15th. Selected contributions will be published as special issue in Crystal Research & Technology, a journal from Wiley-VCH. Dr. Hakim Meskine, editor for Advanced Materials family, will give a talk highlighting different publishing opportunities for the RRAM community in Wiley-VCH journals.

Flyer of the 1st China RRAM international workshop, organized by Lanzalab.