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Xu Jing participates in Graphene Malaysia 2016 in Kuala Lumpur

On November 8th -9th, our group member Xu Jing participated in Graphene Malaysia 2016 Conference, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Xu Jing presented an oral speech about Scalable MoS2 phototransistors with ultra-low power consumption and high light/dark current ratios. He had

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Yuanyuan Shi goes to Stanford University for research

In September, our group member Yuanyuan Shi joined the Stanford nanoelectronics group. This group is leaded by professor H.-S. Philip Wong in Stanford University, who was a senior manager at IBM before. The research of this nanoelectronics group is now

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Professor Mario Lanza gives an invited talk at IWCM² Workshop

On September 29th Professor Mario Lanza was invited to give a seminar at the IWCM² Workshop, organized by Professors Daniele Ielmini and Luca Larcher in Milano (Italy). In this talk Professor Lanza presented his recent progress in the study of

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We participate in 2016 International Integrated Reliability Workshop

On October 9th-13th, our group members Yuanyuan Shi (visiting at Stanford Univerisity), Fei Hui (visiting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Mario Lanza participate in the 2016 IIRW conference in Stanford Sierra Conference Center (USA). In the conference, Professor

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We participate in the 2016 Grapchina conference

The members of our group, Bingru Wang, Jing Xu and Mario Lanza participate in 2016 International Graphene Innovation Conference in Qingdao, China, on Sep. 22th-24th of 2016. Professor Mario presented an oral speech about Cost-effective fabrication of ultra durable graphene-coated

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Chengbin Pan goes to Singapore University of Technology & Design

Chengbin Pan is now doing his master in the pillar of Engineering Products Development of Singapore University of Technology and Design which is established with MIT. He is working with professor Pey Kin Leong (Associate provost) in the field of

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