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Fei Hui registered a patent on graphene-coated AFM tips

Fei Hui has helped us to fabricate and characterize graphene-coated AFM tips that show extraordinary stability and very long lifetime. Fei synthesized the tips using a cost-effective methodology, which makes the tip very suitable for the industry. Multinational companies in

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Yuanyuan Shi receives the outstanding graduate student award from NSFC

Yuanyuan Shi has been recently awarded with the outstanding graduate student fellowship from NSFC. In less than one year, Yuanyuan has done an extraordinary work in the lab, and she has already published two research articles, one Nano Research and

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Our group receives generous funding from NSFC “973 Project”

Lanzalab has been recently awarded with the prestigious 973 Project of the NSFC. The project is developed in collaboration with other four groups from the Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing). The

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