Professor Mario Lanza receives the prestigious Global Talents Award

Professor Mario Lanza has been recently selected for the Global talent recruitment program of China,[...]

Fei Hui goes to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for research

On April, Fei Hui has been to a research group leaded by Jing Kong in Massachusetts Institute of Tec[...]

h-BN RRAM prototype reported in Advanced Functional Materials

The use of two dimensional (2D) materials to improve the capabilities of electronic devices is a pro[...]

Fei Hui's graphene patent receives 1 million USD investment

Fei started to work in this project in September of 2013. She has developed a cost-effective and sca[...]

Prof. Lanza joins the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports

Professor Mario Lanza has been recently appointed as member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Rep[...]

Prof. Lanza gives a talk at International Electron Devices Meeting

On December 5th-7th, our group members Fei Hui, Yuanyuan Shi, Macro A. Villena and Mario Lanza parti[...]

Our group hosts the 1st China RRAM International Workshop

The China RRAM International Workshop launches its first edition with the objective of becoming the [...]

Yuanyuan Shi goes to Stanford University for research

In September, our group member Yuanyuan Shi joined the Stanford nanoelectronics group. This group is[...]

Professor Lanza is appointed as guest editor of a Wiley-VCH book

Professor Lanza has recently signed an agreement with Wiley-VCH publishing group to edit the first e[...]