Mario Lanza
Prof. Mario Lanza
Young 1000 Talent Professor
From Stanford University
Dr. Enric Grustan
Postdoctoral Researcher
From Univ. California Irvine
Dr. Marco A. Villena
Postdoctoral Researcher
From University of Granada
Dr. Chandreswar Mahata
Postdoctoral Researcher
From Yonsei University
Ms. Yuanyuan Shi
4th Year PhD student
(Visited Stanford 1 Year)
Ms. Fei Hui
4th Year PhD Student
(Visited MIT 1 Year)
Ms. Tingting Han
3rd Year PhD Student
(Visited CNR-IMM 1 Year)
Ms. Xiaoxue Song
3rd Year Master Student
(Visited ICIQ 6 months)
Mr. Chengbin Pan
3rd Year Master Student
(Visited SUTD 6 months)
Mr. Xu Jing
2nd Year PhD Student
(Visiting Univ. Texas Austin)
Ms. Lanlan Jiang
2nd Year Master Student
(Visited DIT for 6 months)
Ms. Na Xiao
2nd Year Master Student
(Visited IMB for 6 months)
Ms. Bingru Wang
2nd Year Master Student
(Visiting OSU for 6 months)
Mr. Shaochuan Chen
1st Year PhD student
(Courses & Research)
Mr. Xianhu Liang
1st Year PhD Student
(Courses & Research)
Mr. Bin Yuan
1st Year Master Student
(Courses & Research)

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Members of the Lanza group in September 2015

Members of the Lanza group in September 2015. Top row (left to right): Mario Lanza, Enric Grustan, Steven Wei, Xu Jing, Chengbin Pan. Bottom row (left to right): Fei Hui, Xiaoxue Song, Bingru Wang, Yuanyuan Shi, Lanlan Jiang, Na Xiao, Tingting Han, Yanfeng Ji.

Former members & visitors

Prof. Enrique Miranda, Full Professor at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), visited us in April 2016.
Mr. Emanuel Panholzer, visiting scholar from Deggendorf institute of Technology (Germany), March – September 2016.
Ms. Yanfeng Ji, Master student from our group graduated at Soochow University, September 2013 – June 2016.
Mr. Steven Wei, visiting scholar from University of Waterloo (Canada), September 2015 – March 2016.
Dr. Jianchen Hu, Assistant Professor coming from National Institute of Materials Science (Japan), March 2014 – November 2015.
Ms. Pujashree Vajha, visiting scholar from University of Waterloo (Canada), September 2014 – March 2015.