We participate in the 2016 Grapchina conference

The members of our group, Bingru Wang, Jing Xu and Mario Lanza participate in 2016 International Graphene Innovation Conference in Qingdao, China, on Sep. 22th-24th of 2016. Professor Mario presented an oral speech about Cost-effective fabrication of ultra durable graphene-coated nanoprobes for scanning probe microscopes. In this meeting, we had the opportunity to listen the talks and discuss with world leading scientists like Deji Akinwande (University of Texas at Austin, USA) and Jingxu got the opportunity to work in his group for one year.

Image: Group members Mario Lanza (Right), Jing xu (middle) Bingru Wang (left) participate in the GRAPCHINA 2016

Image: Group members Mario Lanza (Right), Jing xu (middle) Bingru Wang (left) participate in the GRAPCHINA 2016


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Chengbin Pan goes to Singapore University of Technology & Design

Chengbin Pan is now doing his master in the pillar of Engineering Products Development of Singapore University of Technology and Design which is established with MIT. He is working with professor Pey Kin Leong (Associate provost) in the field of 2D dielectric characterization and its failure analysis for the application of h-BN based memory devices. The duration he works there starts at the first of July and ends at the 31st of December in 2016.


Image: Chengbin Pan in SUTD

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Mario Lanza ranked world top 2 young scientist by Elsevier

Professor Mario Lanza has been ranked world top 2 young scientist in Microelectronic Engineering by Elsevier.  For this compeititon Dr. Lanza was nominated by Dr. Guido Groeseneken (IMEC, Belgium). The committee specially valued his contributions in the field of nanoscale electronic characterization of ultra thin dielectrics.


Official announcement of the ranking at Elsevier website.

Online available at http://www.journals.elsevier.com/microelectronic-engineering/awards/award-finalists-and-winner-announcement

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Fei Hui goes to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for research

On April, Fei Hui has been to a research group leaded by Jing Kong in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In this group, they work on designing new strategies to make graphene, MoS2, h-BN and other novel 2D materials with desired physical, chemical qualities. Fei hui will work on growing 2D materials and studying the application of these materials on electronic devices during her time in MIT. She will stay there for one entire year.

Image: Fei Hui  in  MIT campus

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Professor Enrique Miranda from UAB visits our institute

March 14th, Professor Enrique Miranda visits our institute. He is a Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain. His work is devoted to the electron transport in thin dielectric films: direct and Fowler-Nordheim tunneling, effects of trapped charge, stress-induced leakage current, post-breakdown conduction, resistive switching and memristors.

IMG_0437Image: Professor Enrique Miranda and our group members

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Tingting Han receives the fellowship of the ICTP Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories

Tingting Han has been recently awarded a grant in the framework of the ICTP Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) to do a research in the field of solar cells. The programme is to promote collaborations between the Italian scientific community and individuals, groups and institutions in third countries through direct contacts and side-by-side high-level research. Tingting Han will be in charge of performing cross-sectional tranmission electron microscope (XTEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) at the laboratories of the company STMicroelectronics, under the supervision of Salvatore Lombardo.

More information at: http://www.ictp.it/tril/about-tril.aspx.


Images: Tingting Han at the solar cells laboratory of the Lanza’s group at FUNSOM

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Professor Lanza gives an invited talk at the University of Cambridge

Last October 9th Professor Mario Lanza was the invited speaker at the Advanced Technology Lectures of the University of Cambridge. This is the first time the lectures take place at the new Graphene Research Center. In this talk Professor Lanza presented his recent progress in the field of “Two Dimensional Dielectrics”. For this talk, Professor Lanza was invited by Professor Andrea Ferrari, the director of this new institute.

Image: Calendar of the Advanced Technology Lectures at the University of Cambridge in fall 2015

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Xiaoxue Song receives the ICIQ fellowship

Xiaoxue Song (master student) has received the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia’s (ICIQ) Master Project Fellowship to develop a research in the field of photoanodes and photocathodes for water splitting. ICIQ is an internationally recognized and leading research insitute in the field of chemistry, and it is committed with performing research at the frontiers of knowledge. Xiaoxue will travel to Europe in October, and she will work in the researh group headed by with professor Antoni Llobet, who is an expert in water splitting field. Congratulations Xiaoxue!


Image: Xiaoxue Song working in our laboratory

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Professor Lanza is appointed as guest editor of a Wiley-VCH book

Professor Lanza has recently signed an agreement with Wiley-VCH publishing group to edit the first ever book completely dedicated to conductive atomic force microscope (CAFM) and related electrical modes of AFM. Professor Lanza has ten years experience on the use of this equipment, and for this book he has formed a group of world leading scientists in the field. The list of confirmed contributors is formed by: Wilfried Vandervorst and Umberto Celano (IMEC), Kin Leong Pey (Nanyang Technological University), Filippo Giannazzo (STMicroelectronics), David Lewis (CEO of Nanonics), Louis Pacheco (Scientec), Oliver Krause (Nano World), Lidia Aguilera (Knowledge Innovation Market), Guenther Benstetter (Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany) and Enzo di Fabrizio (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), among others. The book will be published in March 2016, and it will have the support and visibility provided by Wiley-VCH.

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International Symposium on Two-dimensional Materials

The members of our group, Yanfeng Ji, Chengbin Pan, Xiaoxue Song and Tingting Han, as well as professor Lanza participate in the International Symposium on Physics and Device Application of Two-dimensional Materials, organized by professors Yi Shi and Xinran Wang at Nanjing University. In this meeting, we had the opportunity of listen the talks and discuss with world leading scientists like Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge University) and Phillip Wong (Stanford University).

Image: Flyer of the symposium

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