Professor Mario Lanza receives the prestigious Young 1000 Talent Award

Professor Mario Lanza has been recently selected for the Young 1000 talent program of China, organiz[...]

Peter Gregory's team from Wiley-VCH visit our institute

March 26th, a delegation of Wiley-VCH headed by Peter Gregory, editor-in-chief of Advanced Materials[...]

Chinese vice premier Yandong Liu visits our institute

The Chinese vice premier Yandong Liu visited our institute on April 24th. Professor Mario Lanza was [...]

Our group participates in the IPFA 2015 conference organized by the IEEE

The members of our group, Yanfeng Ji and Mario Lanza participate in the 22th IEEE International Symp[...]

Professor Paul Alivisatos from Berkeley visits our institute

Paul Alivisatos, the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and editor-in-chief of Nano L[...]

Fei Hui registered a patent on graphene-coated AFM tips

Fei Hui has helped us to fabricate and characterize graphene-coated AFM tips that show extraordinary[...]

Professor Lanza is appointed as guest editor of a Wiley-VCH book

Professor Lanza has recently signed an agreement with Wiley-VCH publishing group to edit the first e[...]

International Symposium on Two-dimensional Materials

The members of our group, Yanfeng Ji, Chengbin Pan, Xiaoxue Song and Tingting Han, as well as profes[...]

Yuanyuan Shi receives the outstanding graduate student award from NSFC

Yuanyuan Shi has been recently awarded with the outstanding graduate student fellowship from NSFC. I[...]